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Magazine Ad.

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Beyond quantity, it’s the quality of the traffic we have been able to attract to our magazine website, over a short period Over + 100 000 magazine readers and + 500 000 blog readers.

WhatsApp direct

If you don’t have a website,  that should not be a barrier to not closing sales.
We direct all traffic that your ads generate to your WhatsApp line.  (This is dependent on you the advertiser)

All that is needed is your WhatsApp Url (business WhatsApp uses this) 

Content Strategy – Sponsored post

For sponsored post, we creatively develop an article that resonates with your Advert which creates wider chances for our audience to take actions


 Book a slot on our digital magazine (1 page max)

1 Edition (N20 000)

6 Editions (N70 000)

Blog Ad

 Place your ad on our blog


2 Articles slots



1 slot on our blog spotlight

Sponsored Post

 Promote your products using a well convincing article to drive sales

1 slot (N10 000)
4 slots (N30 000)

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